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Videos from our wonderful parents!

"We really appreciate bringing our children to Foundation's because of the diversity of the types of therapies that are utilized to support each child."

"I've gone to other facilities and it's a lot more clinical, it can feel a little cold. At Foundations, my kid's beg to come here. It's like a giant playground, and they love it"

"I took him out of class for therapy and within 1-2 weeks his teacher was blown away by the difference he was showing in school"

From Members of Our Professional Network

~ Debra Fischer

Director of St. Paul’s School

We invited representatives from Foundations Pediatric to be a part of our Parent Education series for the past 2 years. They have spoken about feeding issues, sensory integration and social emotional development. They have provided our parents with professional, well researched information as well as compassion and understanding. The parents have responded well to their presentations providing much positive feedback after their visits. I am so grateful to have such warm, experienced support from their organization & know I can count on them to assist our preschool families navigate the early years. 

~ Dr. Alexander Injac

As a referring pediatrician and a father of a patient I have seen on many occasions the rare gifts of Emma Wilking and the Foundations team. I am so impressed with their tireless effort to identify the needs of each child and with their infinite patience as they work to help them achieve their goals.

~ Julie Jones, Ph.D., LMFT-S, LPC-S 

Tarnow Center for Self-Management

 I always appreciate collaborating with Foundations Pediatric.  They are quick to respond, intuitive, and creative with solutions stretching to the home and school settings.  I am impressed with their skills that seem to go beyond what we think of as traditional occupational therapy. When I speak with Foundations for patient care, the result is always a higher level of care through collaboration. 

From Our Families...

“I HIGHLY recommend both Diana & Emma. My son has seen Diana for general OT needs for a few years and she is fantastic. He also saw Emma for a shorter period of time (in addition to Diana) and she was wonderful with him. They are very forward thinking in their approach and engage my son in activities that have really made a difference in his abilities. I have taken him elsewhere in the past where the activities did not really challenge him and make a difference. So, I have something to compare to."

Rachel, Mom

Regarding Our In-Clinic and Telehealth Therapy Services During COVID-19

~ Allison


The teletherapy has been a fun way for my son, Jake, to stay connected to our Foundations friends while continuing to work on his occupational therapy.  Emma has had a lot of great ideas to keep Jake engaged while encouraging him to work on body awareness, movement, and core strength.  From fun games of tug-of-war with his sister, laundry basket races, reading and talking about stories, to dance parties and bubble popping, we are enjoying making the most of the situation and maintaining a sense of normalcy and continuity in our little man's life.  I strongly recommend trying Zoom teletherapy sessions with Foundations!

~ Sonya


As I'm sure has been the case for many families, the Covid-19 virus has turned our lives upside down. We are struggling to maintain a balance between keeping our son safe and happy and ensuring that he has some sense of normalcy. Over the past couple of months, we have been utterly grateful for the staff at Foundations! We bring our son in for one-on-one sessions, and it has been a godsend. Not only does he get an opportunity to get his wiggles out in a clean/safe environment, but he also gets emotional support from the staff that helps him understand the world around him. We would not have been able to get through this crisis without the support of the Foundations team! 

~ Lumarie 


Our boys not only look forward to their appointments, but they have also benefited greatly from their work with the wonderful therapists at Foundations. The team at Foundations were incredibly accommodating during the restrictions brought by COVID-19. Besides meticulous disinfection process at the facility, the therapists works with our family through TeleHealth sessions ensuring continuing support for our family. The team has been creative, adaptable & highly communicative. Discussing activities planned prior to each session has allowed us to prepare the children giving them the opportunity to help design the sessions and thus providing them with a sense of control during these uncertain times. 
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